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A website where submissive young girls get it on with mature women who teach them how to properly please a woman. Tons of high-quality videos, access to a high variety of websites upon purchasing the membership, and tons of unique sexy scenes. Not to mention that the models are gorgeous. What's there not to like about Dyked.com?
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If girls who love pussy as much as you do are what you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place. You can do no wrong with Dyked.com! This website has a fairly decent collection of sexy lesbian movies. These movies always have a little story going on, but it’s rarely a solemn one. The actresses can’t wait to get their hands on each other, which is why the intros don’t even last that long.

It’s usually just a few minutes, and then the younger girl submits to her stepmom or her lesbian professor or whatever. After she does this, she decides to eat her dominant partner out or to be dominated in any other way. It’s a straightforward pattern, that’s for sure, but as long as it works (and it most certainly does), there’s no reason to change it. With 54 videos where the majority lasts at least 20 minutes, you know that you’re in for hours and hours of fun. It’s almost certain that you won’t be watching every single one of these movies, only one. This is the kind of page that will have you coming back for more over and over.

Lesbian porn is just so, so addictive, and people can’t even explain it. Obviously, it’s not like that with all websites, seeing as they don’t have the production value and the gorgeous models of Dyked. You’ll find that the website provides you with HD videos, but just in case you want to turn your video quality down when streaming, then you can turn this quality down to 360p or a few other resolutions, which is pretty neat. However, streaming the videos on the spot isn’t the only thing you’re able to do since you can also go ahead and download the videos to your laptop or your phone. This downloading can be done similarly. So, you are given the option of downloading these movies in full HD, but you may also download them in lower quality.

After getting your Dyked.com pass, you can’t expect your lesbian porn collection to grow quickly since the website isn’t very consistent with its updates. You’ll notice that only one or two updates are what you’ll get every single month, and that’s about it. Oh, and one more thing: When you download these videos to your computer, you will find that they have been placed within a .zip archive. Within this archive, you will also find a bunch of HD pictures that come as a bonus. All in all, it’s better to download videos instead of streaming them on the spot, that’s for sure, but if you can’t wait, then go ahead.


A website like this doesn’t even need a categorization system or anything of the sort, especially if you consider that this page only has 54 videos on it. However, you get a search bar to help you out with your quest for the perfect lesbian porno. This page also uses tags, and you are given the option to rate videos and comment on them, should you want to do so. The thumbnails on the homepage are all neatly arranged. You get to see the rating of the videos there, too.


You get 19 additional websites when you get your Dyked.com pass, which is pretty neat.


You’ll find a few websites with more content than Dyked.com on the internet. However, this makes up for it with stunning babes and high production values.