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FamilyStrokes bring you cute girls with amazing bodies in some tricky scenarios where they can not evade their horny step-dads who want to pound their pussies or get their dicks rubbed against the insides of their throats. On its on, the website is everything but huge, but seeing as it brings the most taboo fantasies to life, it is worth checking out.
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Since the dawn of time, both men and women have been intrigued by objects and actions that were considered to be "taboo." In the modern era, these "forbidden" things have started going down one by one, as people found out that there's nothing to be truly afraid of, except for fear itself. However, some of these restrictions remain, as you don't hear about people fucking their step-daughters or their step-moms. Go on a trip with Family Strokes through the wild currents of human morality and experience these forbidden sex practices first hand.


You'd expect that the step-dads and the step-sons would be the main protagonists of the movies. Still, you would be mistaken if those were your expectations, seeing as the gals get their spotlight as well while they hunt their love interests down, Assertive women are indeed something we all need to see in porn, and if that's something you're looking for, then this is the right place to be. However, most of the gals you'll be seeing on Family Strokes are quite submissive, so there's plenty of material to masturbate to for the men who like a woman who keeps her head down. Let's talk about the numbers for a while now, shall we? First off, we should mention the number of the movies that can be found on the page, and then we can talk about the quality of the movies as these things are what interests most of you, no? Okay, so there are 164 movies on the website right now, and these can be viewed in various resolutions. They may be downloaded in 1080i HD mp4s, which means 1920 x 1080. However, the quality isn't too consistent between the movies, as some have been recorded much better than the others. The POV action tends to be a bit shaky here and there, which sucks. Now, seeing as 164 movies really isn't that much, it's good that this website gets updated almost every week or so. Every single one of these movies lasts around 30 minutes so, which is great. Now, not only can you stream these vids right on the spot, but you also get to download them to your PC or your laptop, or even your phone, if you really want to. You may download them in 1080i, but there are also 3 smaller resolutions. Now, if you're really impatient, you should go for the smaller ones. Still, you should download the movies in the biggest resolution possible since the visuals in these movies are amazing, and it would be a shame for you no to experience them in their greatest form. However, if you have a speedy internet connection, then you have nothing to worry about.
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Every single page has around 20 videos on it, and the thumbnails are big and nice. Furthermore, every video has a nice description that will tell you what's happening in the movie. You may also watch a small trailer. You are also given the option to rate and to comments on the videos.


This is a standalone website, so there are no extras worth mentioning, really.


As time passes by, the number of movies on FamilyStrokes increases, so in time you'll have a nice little collection of sinful pornos. Even though the website is small, if you pay attention to the steamy action, for the most part, you won't even notice it.